Reflecting on a Dark Time

Club Penguin… Hearing that name will forever cause me to cringe.  What a silly game & a silly time


Poll time!

Cheeze out! ^^


Well… This is cheese and i have a confession to make… I don’t chug cheese. Never have, and never will. In fact I haven’t even had cheese since like a week ago. The only cheese I find somewhat good is Romano except for cheddar when its on a grilled cheese but only when it’s paired with tomato and ham. Yeah…
Cheese out!

Shiver me timbers!

If I feel like makin’ a post at 4:31 I will! Dont judge me! Jeez! And if I want to talk like a pirate thaats fine too! Yarr!!! …… This be cheezchugger and i be quite bored! And i check this site now and again and im tired of the home page not changing so i decided to do something about it. Oh yeah piratey! Send them scurvey dogs to the brig!  Where’s me wench? Git’ me some rum! Yarghhh! I sat on a belaying pin an’ it hurt me underside. Avast! I havent been on cp in forever and i think i forgot my password! All the cool people are playing puzzle pirates! If you have one let me know andc we can hook up! So long! 
Cheeze out!

Its Updating Time

No this doesn’t mean everything has to go away for forever. It’ll all just be moved to one convienent spot. cept for a few things.

-green eggs and ham 4ever

wat to do

here’s the poll vote which ever oen you want.

Halloween in CP is very UnHalloweenish

sorry about the lame title- its star, back for ONE LAST POST… or maybe one more in like a few months idk…

so yeah cp did its annual ruining of halloween this year- and since the disney takeover its WAY worse- i went on to check how it was going, and as usually, it stinks… before disney cp WAS WAY BETTER…

like getting rid of the ice rink? when did that happen?!

 but in case you didnt know to get into the secret room in the book room, you need to be wearing the frankenstein or scientist costume… nonmembers, you probbably are starting to hate cp more and more… 

but anyway, one thing you probbaly noticed was the fact that their were strange shadows in the dojo this year…

for those of you who were dying to see one of those images up close, heres two shots of them


well what are they?

they either are rockhoppers crazy ship workers partying a bit too hard, or yes, NINJAS… oooh ahhh…


so yeah guys hope your halloween is more fun than what cp (aka DISNEY) could come up with.

luv star

p.s. congrats on getting over 12 thousand hits!

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